Designing to Stand Out

Throughout the process of this final project I have been weighing the pros and cons of using an infographic resume for my upcoming dive into the job hunt pool. I am going through the usual…creating my profile on popular expat teacher recruiting sites, getting references, gathering examples of my work, and of course updating my CV.

Initially, the thought of having a super cool looking infographic resume for the job fairs appealed to me. I am very visual by nature and love design so it seemed like a no-brainer to have one represent me. But…the more I looked around at online resources and blogs on the subject, the more I wondered if an infographic resume would be the best way to communicate my strengths to employers. After all, they are potentially weeding through a great number of resumes and I don’t want mine to be overlooked if the infographic is too “out there” and hard to understand. After talking about the subject with a colleague who is familiar with hiring I was told that many recruiters will not only be looking at resumes quickly at job fairs, but they will also be scanning them for some key information:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills

If the way these are presented is confusing or too flashy it may turn a recruiter off from the very beginning. At the same time, you could make the argument that it would help a job seeker stand out. I came to the conclusion that its all about balance. Here is an example of an infographic/traditional hybird I really liked.

courtesy of

courtesy of

It highlights all the necessary information in an easy to read way. It uses visuals, but not too many. And it has some interesting statistics and tidbits of information to make the candidate stand out. I think it might be a little on the wordy side, but hey…’s not just an infographic, but also a resume.CV Infographic (1)

When thinking about my infographic I wanted to make something that would be both useful and fall within the assignment perimeters. I decided that I would make an infographic to add to my currently under construction personal CV/website. Basically i’m making a website to give potential employers more information about me, and I plan to use this  infographic on one of the pages.

I used Piktochart to create this, my very first infographic. After reading articles like this one from The Guardian I considered cutting back on everything that wasn’t absolutely essential. I also decided to just focus on a few colors to create a visually appealing graphic. I found Piktochart was a great tool for creating this since it’s clean, modern, and had a lot of icons and colors to choose from. After trying out and I have deemed Piktochart the winner in my eyes for most user friendly as well. Anything with a drag and drop option wins all the prizes.

I still have some tweeking to do. I want to add some more professional development and cut down the text in my additional achievements box, but overall it’s a good start. Next I will be attempting a new resume/CV to hand out at job fairs. I am going to use what I have learned through this process to make it both eye-catching and readable.

If you are having trouble viewing my infographic you can also click here to see it a little closer!


3 comments to “Designing to Stand Out”
3 comments to “Designing to Stand Out”
  1. I love your new resume for your site! I have begun playing around with Piktochart but haven’t actually created anything. I’ve never done any hiring, but if someone handed me a carefully designed CV that was easy to read and made key information stand out, it would definitely tell me something positive about the applicant…that he or she is innovative at the very least! If you ask me, that’s exactly what some of the best schools are looking for!

    Do share you final CV that you use during the job fairs. I think it would be great for a lot of people to see the comparison and how you organized your online one differently from your printed one.

    Good luck on your job hunt!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Tanya. Great to hear that you’ve approached this topic with balance in mind – that for some of those doing the hiring it’s still vital to have quick access to the basic info. The color scheme works well, as do the graphics.

    My only suggestions would be to perhaps break up the large swaths of text or present them with visual hierarchy. Otherwise while scanning it’s easy to get lost in the text and skip over it. You want to catch the attention of your audience.

    I do think it’d be ideal to present this with some sort of either cover letter or more detailed (ie traditional) CV just to cover your bases. This format is still a bit new for many employers.

    And please link either your image or a link to the original larger size. This one doesn’t display in full size so it’s hard for us to make out your text.

    Great stuff and an excellent start!

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