Hello….It’s Me

Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to tweet…..

OK….im no Adele but I sure have loved growing my PLN through various social media platforms since beginning COETAIL. Most predominantly through twitter. I remember when I first started my twitter with the hope of connecting with other Coetailers and teachers.


I remember thinking that twitter was mostly for reading and gathering info; and I felt intimidated at the thought of writing and contributing my own tweets.

Was I interesting enough to tweet too? Would I add something valuable to my growing PLN?

Well the answer is yes….and not just for me but for everyone. Because of COETAIL, I knew that the success of my PLN depended on my own participation. I started retweeting other interesting tweets I saw and finding hashtags to add so I could reach even more people in the education world. I also started featuring things my class was doing and tweeting about cool articles and ideas I found outside of twitter.

Then the lightbulb went off….I found twitter chats.

The first chat I found through COETAIL colleagues was #AISQ8chat. I was welcomed instantly by @cbotbyl and @chezvivian


I was no longer a passive creeper in the land of twitter. I was sharing and learning from other educators in the international community. I couldn’t get enough…..and so I got tweetdeck to help organize all my chats. Maybe I don’t always have time to participate in all of them, but I certainly try. I have found that the support within the chat communities is constant and positive, and access to new and interesting teaching ideas is endless. And it doesn’t stop at COETAIL…..i’ve been making connections with educators all over the world. Maybe even spreading the word about coetail in the process!

I currently either follow or participate in great chats like #coetailchat, #tosachat, #pypchat, #edchatafterdark, #edtechchat, and more!

Here’s my growing Tweetdeck…..



Getting involved in different chats has helped build my PLN…..


In addition to twitter chats I have made connections with coetailers who wanted to collaborate on projects. Jodee Junge @junge14 connected with me through twitter and we decided to do a collaborative kidblog with our grade 3 classes. A great example of making connections all over the world since we are both in different countries.


I admit, twitter has been my main form of PLN, but I have also begun slowly adding to Google+. I am doing the SUNY option for Coetail and was fortunate to make connections with many other students via google+. After asking questions to Vivian C about the program she started a great google+ thread about the topic and it has been active for about a year now.



Going forward, I plan to continue growing my twitter PLN and maybe one day I will even moderate a twitter chat. I feel like it will be a natural progression after I participate in more chats. I will also continue blogging, especially since I am leaving my current position as a classroom teacher and moving to a new position as technology coach for a wonderful school in China.

It’s all very exciting!

Sidenote: I just got glasses for the first time and feel there may be a direct correlation between me looking at my phone (twitter) so much and the fact that I am slowly losing my eyesight. So make sure you are using in moderation!

2 comments to “Hello….It’s Me”
2 comments to “Hello….It’s Me”
  1. Yes, Twitter definitely was a game changer for me as well. Unfortunately I don’t check it as much as I would like to. It also can take all your time if you aren’t selective. Sometimes I need a focus just to make it meaningful and not just to scroll down. You know what I mean?

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