My Course 5 Project Plan

Made by me on the atypo picture app.

Made by me on the atypo picture app.


It’s been an up and down process trying to get my ideas and resources together for the final project. I had some different ideas while still doing course 4 that I wasn’t sure about and figured that as I got closer to actually doing the project it would become more clear. I am happy to say it has!

My goal was, and still is, to redefine how my students are learning by using technology while also meeting the objectives of the unit I am currently teaching. Since I work in a PYP school we follow Units of Inquiry, with an additional focus on meeting Common Core standards.I wanted my project to coincide with the unit i’d be working on…which after some juggling, has been scheduled as How the World Works with a focus on how Earth’s position in the Solar System sustains life.

My grade 3 team also decided that we would focus on the language standards that surround writing narratives based on imagined experiences, so I came to the decision that I would create a cross-curricular project meeting those outcomes while creatively using technology to tell and share a story.

The Plan….

I am going to follow the writing process to get my students to write a creative narrative about them travelling to space.


Once they have it written they will be using a website called Story Jumper to make a digital book. I had originally wanted to use an app like Little Story Creator or Book Creator, but we don’t have 1:1 iPads in my school. Since we all have laptops it seemed like the best way to go. They will be creating original art work for their story in Art class and uploading them to the story as well.

courtesy of Story Jumper

courtesy of Story Jumper


As a way of taking it to the next level I plan on having them embed their stories to each of their Kid-blogs in order to share them with each other and other classes. I am working on making connections with other classes through twitter in order to share our stories. With my own students I am going to have them use the peer assessment strategy of 2 stars and a wish for their peer’s work. They will tell their peers two things they liked about their story and one thing they wish them to include next time.

Why did I decide on this route for the project?

Well I have been wanting to do a digital storytelling project for a while and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. My students already love blogging and I find that when they get a chance to show their work to their peers they have an even higher level of engagement. They also love creating using their imaginations so what better UOI to do this with than the Solar System unit!

What am I hoping to see?

  • I am hoping that they show enthusiasm for telling their own stories digitally
  • That they show attention to detail by displaying what they have learned about the writing process and the components of a good story
  • A continued enthusiasm for communicating their ideas/feedback with one another through our blog!

That’s basically the idea I have. I am starting the planning process next week in class with the intention of having them present final projects by the end of March. If you are reading this and have any comments or ideas they are very welcome!!




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