COETAIL Final Project – Digital Story Telling and Kidblog Fun!

Well folks….I am finished with my COETAIL course 5 project and here it is!

I decided to work with my Grade 3 class on Digital Storytelling with a focus on imagined narratives about our Solar System. It fit perfectly with my current Unit of Inquiry about how the Solar System affects life here on Earth.

It was a wonderful experience undertaking this project with my class, and since doing it last month they have all been asking to do more projects like it. Below you will find my UBD planner and you can click here for documents associated with the project that may be useful.

Here’s a few helpful links from the sites/books we used….



Our 3TL Kidblog

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Over the past year I have found that COETAIL has helped me gain a greater understanding of the right reasons for using technology in the classroom, and how it can really transform learning. I am also looking forward to a shift in my career this year as I move from classroom teacher to technology coach for the American International School in Guangzhou. A move that no doubt would not have happened without the experiences provided by COETAIL.

COETAIL may be over for me, but my journey in the educational technology world is only beginning!




4 comments to “COETAIL Final Project – Digital Story Telling and Kidblog Fun!”
4 comments to “COETAIL Final Project – Digital Story Telling and Kidblog Fun!”
  1. This is a wonderful project! I loved hearing how much the students LOVED publishing their work online for the world to see… famous! Your project was well laid out and it looks like the programs you used worked well for what you were trying to do. Well done!

  2. Love this Tanya! Seeing your story with your own writing and illustrations had to be so cool for the students. It’s great that you can make it so global using KidBlog. Did the illustrations take a long time?

    • Hey Jodee sorry for the late reply! The illustrations took a few periods for sure but it was worth it. They really loved being able to import their own art and showcase it for family, peers, and global friends in other classes.

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